Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Piece Of Candy

Omg .. You will never know what I cam e across today and Never knew was ther.. hehehe

First I got the group gift sent to me,

Then I got a notice about the 2 new Dollarbie skins that were just put out.. I had no idea where they were , As I have never been on the upper level. OMG.. What was I ever thinking NOT going up there.. They have TONS of Dollarbie Skins just sitting up ther waiting to be snagged by everyone.. And I dare say that they are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS .. WOW..

You all must honestly try and go up ther to look whether you are happy with your skin you have now or Not ..

It's worth taking a look at .....

Also , A -Piece of Candy still has the Red Diamond hunt still going on and you can snag, like 30 skins from that hunt as well.. all diamonds are 1L each .....

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