Thursday, January 29, 2009


COME ONE, COME ALL. And Let's have some with with a handful of outfits for only 2L each... Truth or Fiction? I'm being honest here ... All outfits pictured below are from Buterfly

And If you look They are definately a steal for only 2L each....

All the outfits sit on a ledge just in front of the window..

. There is one Dollarbie short outfit on the wall, and the others on teh wall are 10L each

And if you head to the store on the right , called Summer Dollarbie you will find gowns at 1L each , and outfits on the facing wall 5L and 2L each...
Make sure that you check around the entire plaza because ther is SOOOO much more to see and grab for very cheap prices....

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