Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Humpppp Dayyyyy

Ok , so it's the middle of the week and I have tried to scour up some wonderful goodies for you all today.. Lets start with Cyanide.... OOhh doesnt that sound just wonderful? hehehe.. Let's find out..
I have for you today from Cyanide.. a camping chair, if you sit for 30 minutes you get this HOTTT sexy Piercing called........Anthrax... I sat and I won it .. YEAHHH

Then there is the midnight mania board, with another hott and sexy piercing... If you come in and touch the board you will automatically be registered, to in the prize give-a-way.. They need 200 peoples by Midnight in order for the prize to be given out, so if you are into piercings , then get your booty down there and get your name up on that board.. WOOT

Then we have these 2 gorgeous shapes for male and female, at 1L each...

And there is a lucky board as well, with a lovely shape for all....called Ivy....

Get on in here and have some fun.. This place is AWSOME!!!!!


Next I have some Dollarbie items for the ladies at my very own Shop, , at the Best heavy Metal Club in all of Sl........ CLUB DESTINY.... Rocks .. The peoples are friendly, the dancers are Hot, and the Owner is Kick ass Gorgeous.....heheh So come check out the mall as you will find mnay other goodies ther to peak anyone's interest.....

Come check us out.. also I have a cute little sassy black 2-pc capri set for 1L.

And this cute jean skirt and red shirt set for 1L....

This is a pic of me wearing the 3rd Dollarbie outft.. Very cute huh ?

Last is this cute little pale blue outfit , just adorable for the upcoming Valentines"s Day..... 1L

Our next good find is Aryanna's Closet... With some wonderful Dollarbies there all over the little shopping plaza.. There is one Dollarbie in almost every litle shop ther.. So make sure you look good.. There are also 2 lucky chair ther tooo..

This cute little sports cap.. That looks Amazing with my outfit I got today from So What ..1L

Cute Purple outfit 1L .........................

Then we have this really sexy pair of jeans with an adorable sexy red shirt.. I soooo luv it because, well.. I like red...... 1L for this outfit

A really cute pink pair of shoes.... 1L

Here we have this really fluffy pink and white outfit with arm bangals and matching shoes.. All for just 1L........

And finally my favorite outfit .... This really sexy little pink outfit with an Amazing pair of pink pump.. Can u say that 10 times really really fast? hehehehehhe 1L

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