Saturday, January 17, 2009

Gifts under the Tree

Believe it or not I guess I was lost and I came across some gifts all for FREE, still under a Tree outside........... Still not really sure where the heck I am either. heheheh says I am in LOLisland.. wherever that is...... But if its free Ill post it .. and if It's in good taste too.. So here we go...
And so I decided to share them you all as well, ... I am not sure how much longer these will be ther either, so grab them while you can.. there are poses, 3 poses for FREEE

Clothes for guys and girls.. I.E. Unisex Sweaters...

Poofers, as in the pics below... one heart poofer,

and one flower poofer .. And more.. Like this really cute Panda sweater and Hat......also wearing the leggings that are under the tree as well.. (2pr for FREEEEE)

There are rings, for guys and girls

And bracelets too....and other items such as a shadow the one pictured below..

And if u happen to look around the yard area you will find this outfit at the base of the bridge........ Its is also FREE and the ice skates for LAdies and Gentlemen, are right next to it too.. So come and get yours today....

A pic of me wearing the outfit.. And it is as cute as it looks.. hehehehehe

And the best part.. They are all for FREEEEEEE


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