Sunday, January 11, 2009

More AlB Goodies......

Sorry all.. I know I just posted about the new goodie at ALB.. But after further investigation.. I actually found quite a bit more for you .....

Gorgeous lashes for FREEEEEE .. you get a 6 pack .. Yeahhhhhh

This awsome looking Devils skin. FREEEEEE. for anyone at anytime.. Not just for Halloween.. heheheheh

This sexy pair of Black jeans that come in 3 different dtyles.. reg fir and boot fit.....It shows a pic of a guy wearing them.. But I bought a pair anyway for me...... Hey they were FREEEEEE

And I also bought this sexy pair of boots as well.. Although they were NOT FREE but 10L only.. I thought they were worth it......As they are made to fit any type of leg.. sm. med. and lg..... Just to let you know.. Meaning the upper portion of course.. As all shoes in Sl are made for size 0 feet......

Make sure you check out all the shelves on the walls, as there is jewelry and more to be had on them for Freeeee , some items are 10L and some are even 50L.. So just make sure you know what you are buying before you hit that buy button .. OK?

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