Monday, January 5, 2009

Lemania Gift hunt

Omg ... I know that I just posted sbout this, but I decided to go on the hunt myself, and I needed to show you right away some of the absolutely fabulous goodies that I have found, and Maybe that will entice you to come on out and do the hunt for yourselves.. WOOOt


This outfit pictured here is #5 out of 50
yeah its absolutely gorgggy again hehehehhe e

Another absolutely stunning outfit.. Like A Virgin.. #44
and the Like a Virgin shoes are just down the way from the outfit.... they are #45


Next we have some Animal print bagels.. I really like animal print anything as ong as its tastefuly done, so I grabbed these and I was lucky .... Yeah.. As you never know what your item will look like until AFTER you unbox and rezz it..... And these bangals are #26
Here we have some really cute and fun lingerie.. Called Smile lingerie .....#38 of 50

Here we have #16 . A Gold Wiggle dress, and If I must add, it is really well taylored, and the texture and detail is quite well done..

After hopping around and looking at all the lovely scenery I went hunting again, and came across
# 13 Red sweater dress
and #14 ChaCha prom outfit
both around the same location
Well everyone.. I hope you enjoy all of these.. RL has interupted so I have to stop here .. But I seriously hope that you all enjoy the hunt....Ill bring you more later

ALso ..............
Wonderous Strange has out 70 numbered bottles, filled with their goodies from rugs, to wall hangings and mnay more items for your home and such ....


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