Monday, January 26, 2009

Back to work....Monday

Ever wonder, on a day when you wake up in such a shitty mood, how to tell the whole world to litterally "Kiss your Ass"?.. Well , believe it or not..

Here at the Sea Hole, there is an absolutle righteous pair of jean that does just that in it's own way, and I must say, thet these jeans are.. well.. See for yourself.. heheheheh 1L jeans..

Front View.....

Back View..

These are the best pair of jeans I have ever found.. heheh I am so luving it.. (just like a McDonald's Commercail.. heheheheheheh

Also a killer skin and this amazing green starry looking outfit for 1L each.

And we mustn't forget the guys either, as there are 2 very sexy Hoodies just for them.. Although, if you happen to like hoodies, I guess anyone could wear them.. 1L each...

Here is your Taxi, come and have some shopping fun


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