Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vlod.. for short

After a slight absence Due to Modem problems, which meant I had to order a new one and wait for it to get here before I was able to relog, I am BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! and hopefully worthy of all you attention, as I bring you the latest goodies I have on my list for you all.. Thanks for being patient with me, and lets get to it and bring you to your woderful FREEEEEEbies.

So if any of you have sent me any notecards reguarding freebies that you have found, and wanted me to post, please resend, because when logged on everything was wiped out for some reason.. So thank u all, and let's begin here at Vlodovik, here you can grab the dollerbie on the wall, a very lovely purple dress..

and you can snag the matching stockings here as well, in the lucky board

And make sure to look for 3 wonerful glowing moons in te store where you can get this whole ensemble.........a very pretty moon like gown, w/ matching shoes......woot.. what more coud you ask for ? the whole outfit will only cost you 3L...

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