Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday and Mayhem

With just the start of a new month only a few hours away , everyone and his brother, and sister, and aunt and Uncle, and cousin, and and and............. heheheh Are waiting to start those awsome New hunts, ..... Well, So am I.. heheh But until then, here are a few goodies that you might wanna grab ....Starting here at Ora Trei Design's... Come on in and grab this amazing gown today..... 1L only..

And make sure to check out and grab this other sexy looking dress to the right for only 1L too.......


We have 2 very hotttttttttt FREEEEEEEEEEbie hairs here at this location of AlLI & Ali .. if you hit the lm giver with the present on top, you get this Awsome Giselle Auburn color hair,

And if you slap that MM Board you can recieve this very sexy looking curly hair for FREEE if the quota is met by Midnight tonight.. So come on in and slap away........ 50 slaps needed..


Next on the list is Prism By Journey, Mainstore... lets go check it out...... you can get this very sulty, and sexy Candy Apple outfit complete with belt and bracelets for only 1L.... So come on in and grab it while the grabbing is good.... Woot......


Although this one is NOT a clothing item, it can still be worn, and I thought it might be cool for anyone, plus... Halloween IS coming soon .. So this is a Perfect item to have in your closet.. hehehe Its on the MM Board, and only needs 81 slaps..... so come in and slap away....... Located here at NCD Main Store.... New location.....

And those that are into the Lucky Tribe thing, you can redeem your points here and get this awsome Sword..

Or try your hand at the lucky Board and maybe win this Awsome Bloodwine Bridal set... (Bride and clothes NOT included)


Stop in here to Hose Nose at LVS Drive and grab this hottt little outfit for only 1oL... I did, and its amazing............

Or you can wait and slap the Mm Board and get this same outfit for free only in the coloir green..... It;s your chioce, or you can actually do both , like I just did.. hehehehehe , come on in and take a loko around.. The place is filled with wonderful things......Also check out the freebies, and lucky wall.. (already Blogged)... You might find something you just cant live without.....


Come on in to fishy Strawberry , and visit the Black markeyt here on the water, and catch some wonderful freeeeeeebies,

And some sexy Dollarbies..... Setting is a little spooky , and quite realistic.. So come on in and check it out..


3 wonderful Lucky boards are located here at ElaCor..... Worth checking out if anyone is interested....... You have skin, poses, and a very cute cow shirt...


And last but Not least for right Now , Located here at Flashpoint Fashions you can get this very sexy Black Summer Nights outfit for freeeee in teh Mm Board...... 50 slaps are all that is needed for hitting the target? Do u want this? Come and slap the Board and you can have it.......


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