Wednesday, August 5, 2009

HOT DOGS at Fusion Grove

A Wonderful Hot Dog hunt covering 3 sims startig here at the Fusion Grove . Woot... Just go from store to store follwing the wood looking path, and check for those deliscious hotdogs with mustard.. pick one up for FReeeeeeeeeeeeee and score yourselves some wonderful FREEEEEEEEEEEEe goodies....... Lots to see and do, and other freebies along the way , join the subscribos, recieve free gifts.....Lots of Fun to be had here at the Fusion Sim..

Free bikini from Staged, and the best part of all these outfits, is the hotdog you get with each one, with the built in animation for eating the hotdog.. So come on in and have some fun at the Dog Days of Summer Hot Dog hunt here at The Fusion Sims.. Well woth the fun, .. Hunt lasts until the 8th.. I just found out about it.. So hurry....

Along with a very sexy Simple Elegance dress in red.... labeled free gift

Frop has 2 wonderful short outfits inside their hotdog.....

Snatch has this very cute pink bikini

Sexy hair by Club Fusion

Lovely gown by SYSY's

plus many more gifts out ther as well, such more clothes , socks, jewelry , and furniture...


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