Tuesday, August 25, 2009

U Neek

Hey all.. talk about some very very very unique skins, and such.. you all need to get o in to The U -Neek Shop and check out the awsome stuff in each of the 6 MM Boards here.... Although the place is moving, you can still slap[ away at the Mm Baords.. only 60 slaps per board....... And ther are some very wild things.. I slapped them all.. They are things i just needed.. heheheheheh .. There is also a hunt going on right now inside the store... (Blogged By Helena Stringer at FREESTYLE ... http://slfreestyle.blogspot.com/ So check out the hunt goodies on her post ther.....
But here are the Goodies from the Mm Boards,

And here is the Lucky chair goodie,, Hope you get lucky........

Make sure to join the group , so you can get updates and the new Lm .... thanks.


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