Sunday, August 23, 2009

Searching For Diamonds

Hey ther all.. I know it's Late, but RL, has been taking up quite a bit of my time lately... But Anyway.. I cam eon and was just going through my inventory when I got word about a diamond hunt.. What? Yep.. here's the info............................

Thank you for your participation in the Alpha Omega Mu Diamong hunt! This hunt will last from August 23th to september 23rd. The hunt item is a Diamond located somewhere in the store and it will contain a gift, a fact about AOM and your next LM. ♦·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.¤ ~♦About AOM♦~ ¤.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·♦When Alpha Omega Mu Sorority, Inc. (AOM) was created, founders envisioned more than just a group with a tag. They wanted their sorority to stand for something and represent women of all backgrounds...a place they could unite and make a difference in SL and RL. During the past year, AOM has taken great strides in making that a reality.

You are going to be looking for Diamonds that are about as big as your head, and have a glowing/ radiating sparkle, so as NOT to miss them .. lol.. Good luck and Happy hunting.. here are Some of the goods......

#1 Diamond here at Street Dermatology..... A beautiful Diamond bracelet FREEEEEEEEEE.


#6 Diamond here at Baby Monkeys..... a really awsome pair of boots FREEEEEEEEE


#8 Diamond here at Liquid Sugar...... Comes with this short outfit, shoes that Match the awsome pumpkin Neko Tail, and a huge cupcake for any occassion.. Woot.. And all FREEEE


#9 Diamond here at Get Me Bodied... A sexy pair Of Croc Skin Boots In Purple.. Woot....


#12 Diamond.. Here at the Music Store, on the same Sim as Get Me Bodied.. So dont Tp out.. lol.. Come and grab it ........ You ghet this very pretty, soft and billowy dress.... In Floral Print.. very Nice, ANd FREEEEEEEEEEE.... Find the diamond... heheheheh.


#13 Diamond is located at Ellison , where if you find the diamond, you get this awsome Leather jacket, and a VW beetle (CAR)...


#14 Diamond, here at Eras Fashion You get 2 stunning outfits.. Come look....


And the last one I found for today is #16 here at Pretty Pussy...... You get these awsome PAw boots.. Watch as you make colorful tracks when you walk..... FREEEEEEEEEE


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