Friday, August 28, 2009

Adults Only

Just wanted to let everyone know about the Adult hunt going on right now here at the Paceglen Sim...., here is the info........

Adult Theme Dreams Hunt at Aurora Town.
Aurora Town has just completed the transition of moving to Placeglen and Sporbus two Regions located on the newly created adult Continent of Zindra. Aurora Town is a rental community and has been in business since 2007, run by the Baron Lewis Parker and Baroness Lilliana Corleone.
To celebrate this momentous occasion, we are inviting everyone to stop by and take part in our “Adult Themed Dreams Hunt”! We have placed 47 small wooden crates between the two Regions. All ready to buy for 0 Lindens.
Since the Hunt is called “Adult Themed”, that is exactly what you will find all adult themed items. There are menu driven collars and binders, some clothing, furniture and more. The Hunt will run throughl September 30th or until we clean up the boxes:) See you there!

Here are some of the goodies to be found, want more? Come and check it out, there is still time to find these boxes, and reel in the prizes.. So come on in and have a look a round.


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