Friday, August 21, 2009

Dress Me RBZ Style

Just checking up on older lm's in my inventory tonight. brought me back here to RBZ.. and I need to share with you what I have found.. Woot...... You can get this very sassy looking Zebra outfit for FREEEEEEEEEE.. (Anyone can get it BTW).....

Or you can make sure to snag the freebie Girls gift in the bag on the floor, which just happens to be a very pink pink version of the shrug that can be found in the Lucky Board....
Pink Shrug only (shirt NOT included )

This Yellow version is On the Lucky board

Or get the Freee Male gift in the bag as well, which is this wonderful looking Hawian shirt.. Looks good on me, so I think Ill keep it.. (could be considered Uni-sex.. LOL)

Slap away at eith of the Mm Boards in the store.. One for the guys and one for the ladies of SL......


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