Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Look goes Everywhere

I like logging on and immediately being greeted with a lot of fresh notecards, telling me of FREeeebies and deals, and sales, and tons of new releases.. Yeahhh.. Today was no exception.. I have quite a few for you all this morning before I get back into the swing of these many hunts.. hehehehehehehehhe So let's start off .......New gown of the week is out there at Ora Trei.. This one is soft and sensual, and you wouldnt want to miss it, So come on in and grab this sexy littel dress while you can.. FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE for one week......


Here at the Lily Pad store on the Newport Keys, Sim, you can find these 2 really cool Mother Daughter sets for only 1L.......... for the month of August.. woot.....

1L each for The Back to School mother daughter duo, as well as the Dotty Mother daughter duo.. 1L.. So come in and check them out .. Prices on all other outfits are very resonable, so check out the rest of the shop to.. You will be surprised at the goodness within.............

Come and check out this wonderul Retro top here at Lost Dreams Design's.... , which is also part of the Satisfashion hunt , but you can get this one for FREEEEEEEEEE click and buy for 0L.. and it can be yours today..........

GIFT INFO! ................. at Topaz Square.. yeahhhhhhhhh........quoted right from ther notecard................ A Classic Style pump, an ideal compliment to your casual or professional outfits in; 9 wonderful pair of pumps for absolutley FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.. yes.. 9 pairs of shoes for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe.. woot..


Word just recieved that Thalia's has a wonderful new dollarbie in store, for all the lovely ladies...... woot... and........... whomever else may wish to grab this sexy little silver dress for 1L.... Come and get it......Called Silver Goddess


August Dollarbies are now at SWIM.. Yeahh.. and its still a wonderful warm month so lets grab those amazing suits and head for the beach.. come and get them while they r fresh off the sewing table.. hehehehehehehe


Here is some news for all of you wonderful fans of RFyre coppied strait from the notecard..

To all our wonderful customers.
Please be advised that it was noted there was an error in our low cut long and boot version of the RFyre Bytterwynds II Series in black.
We are currently offering free no mod/copy/no transfer replacements at our main store. They are located directly in front of each Bytterwynd display. Please come and pick yours up at your convenience.
For those of you who have not yet purchased this design, concider them a gift :)
Kind Regards
Raven Pennyfeather, CEO House of RFyre

You are looking for the small sign on the floor in front of the display.... PANTS ONLY...... but hey.....they are FREEEEEEEEEEE.. Woot..............

The mens replacement pants are on the other side.. on the floor as well..... So come and grab those free pants everyone..............

Before I go .. I just wanted you all to know that you can get the look, and its anywhere and everywhere. but you can get "the Look " for FREEEEEEEEEE or virtually close to freeee , you just have to know where to loko.. Always keep your eyes open, and if you see something thats worth the blog.. Just Im me , and Ill get it up ASAP.. Thanks For reading.. Love Vix..... More to come this afternoon.. Gotta go take the kids to World's Of Fun again, for some fun of their own..


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