Monday, August 17, 2009

New Goodness

Hey all... I just got some information from one of my readers, and a great friend, who always passes me some wonderful information.. Well.. Darling Bridjette, has passed me some info about an awsome designer, with a new store, and a wonderful group gift... So let's here it for JD Design's woott......

You must be a member of the group in order to get the gift, but its worth it.. I would become a member too if I had any more available group slots ...

Quoted from the notice I recieved, about this wonderful gift from Bridjette .

" Here it is now your August Gift, a super pack gift called "JD Dragon Red" will be available for this group ONLY, and only from Sunday 1PM SLT time at which your invitation to my new shops opening starts !!

6 Tops ..... (surprise)
1 String3 Skirts (straight, salsa, gala)
3 Pants (Capris, Short, and Hot Pants)
1 Open Vest (my first)
With this, combinations possible are numerous and only limited by your imagination. And such a nice vivid red can also be harmonized with black, white, and even light grey if you want.
The bodice top you should put with the Gala skirt or CaprisThe other various tops, from full opaque to full transparent, you can put with shorts, hot pants, or Salsa skirt.The vest goes with all pants and salsa or straight skirt.Never forget to wear at least your hot pants under your salsa and straight dress or all the male population of SL will run after you like wolves, as your skirt will flow up in the air. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ;-)
And last but not least.... My first unpretentious jewels!2 choices of golden braceletsA golden chain belt that goes nicely with all pantsAnd a golden choker to go round your neck.
And of course all prims are resizables !!
The golden chain belt does express your fidelity and our business relation as well as friendship. I value it as gold. It's unbreakable.
Here are some wqonderful pics that Bridjette sent of me wearing some of the variations of the outfit .. I luvvv it

Enjoy my Red Dragon outfit !! Take care all of you .... Judy.
NOTE *********** Judy.. you did a fabulous job on this outfit.. can't wait to come and check out your shop...... Thanks Vixation.......

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