Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hunting for Cleo

This morning our first stop on our Saturday Extravaganza..... For FREEEbies....... Is here at Cilian'gel , where we will first be looking for 3 golden leaves at 2L each.... In order to get the baby doll Cleopatra dress ensemble..... Oooohhh I cant wait.....

Yeahhhhhhhh.. I found all 3 here at this one location....Here is me in the dressdress was a total of 6L......

Plus 3 fabulous FREEEEEEEEEEE pair of shoes in boxes on the floor....make sure you grab those too........

Here is the second location.... , where you will be looking for another 3 golden leaves for the gown version of this Cleopatra Ensemble.... cost 6L for entire outfit

Plus a wonderful unisex gift in a big bag FREEEEEEEEee here at this location too

Guess the guys can wear the Tank top .. lol.. Its black, and plain, but sexy on me..


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