Sunday, August 30, 2009

Poop Hunt

Info taken right from the notecard.......

It begins. If you are a long-time fan of Long Awkward Pose, then you already experienced THE GREATEST POOP HUNT OF ALL TIME ....last year - and somehow, we managed to do it again this year? Freaky. Yes, Poop Hunt has returned and OFFICIALLY begins today!!
There are some things different this year - for instance, this year the hunt is a sim-wide hunt (NOT grid-wide)...and has more than just LAP participating! We have my co-sim owner Autumn of Tiny Bird and a ton of our rental vendors are playing along with us too! :D This year instead of just poop, because Autumn is the queen of clean - we decided to have a little war. I um...took a dump on her side of the sim, and she toilet papered my side of the sim. My shop and vendors hid all their nuggets of goodness in turds, and Autumn's side and vendors hid their's in toilet paper rolls. :D
I won't blab your face off, just say that THIS YEAR, is DEFINITELY the GREATEST POOP HUNT OF ALL TIME, for sure this time!! There is SO MUCH awesome shit to find! You will be in shock, toxic shock! Below you will find all of the necessary information, about the hunt, as a hunter, and even a bit down there for bloggers and hunt-group owners/members.
------The Hunt: Where - Festivale sim ONLY (if you find someone trying to replicate our shit, please let me know, they need to be ended)When - Friday the 28th - Friday the 4thWhat - You are looking for toilet paper rolls and poop piles with bows/ribbons on them. They can vary in size (but they won't be blindingly small), vary in color and also vary in textures/accessories but they all have the same uniform look to them. See here: 􀀈How - The poops and toilet paper can be hidden on either side of the sim, pretty much anywhere. As of right now most are within the area of shopping, with a few just barely on the outskirts. Some are outside, some are inside shops.
YES you can "cheat" ....cheat sheets are fine, you won't be banned for them, you won't be banned for sharing or helping one another. Using excessive poop puns and jokes is encouraged all throughout the week. Feel free to message the awesome creators on Festivale and let them know how much you loved their excellent shit! I have a feeling they'd love it! :D
Hunters: The hunt lasts all week so don't feel like you have to pile right in - it will be laggy, it may even be full from time to time, and yes, people will bitch. But it'll also be okay, take a deep breath, relax.....(I am really resisting the urge to make a poop joke right now by the way). Poop hunt is about fun, remember! Help each other out, scoop yer poop in parties of three or more for extra giggles. You can do it, we believe in you. Just like last year, you can grab some souvenirs to remember the hunt by (in front of our shops)! Poop buckets and scoopers and this year plungers! :D If you really want to wear them during the hunt - go ahead, but to help keep lag down you might wait until you get home to examine your fetish. :p
Bloggers & Hunt Group Owners: If you need any information about the poop hunt, please just message Dove Swanson. I'll be glad to help out - or hand over cheat sheets, or any info/photos I have on the shit you'll find. We would loooove to have the poop hunt blogged, all that I ask, is that you DO NOT call the items "gifts/prizes/special coolcoolcutiebugs/etc" have to use a poop word when referring to all the crap you pick up. >:D

Mostly, have fun! :D Only once a year do you get to pick up shit and enjoy it, so you better!

So without Further Ado.. here is the Shit I picked up on the Poop Hunt... I hope you all enjoy finding this Crap.. LMAO..(******** Im not going to say gifts.. ) heheheheheheheh
You can find this load of Bowl waste for FREEEEEEEEE just find the poop and the Tp with ribbons on them and these can be yours... Hair, skins, Tons of wonderful Poses. a beautiful mask, clothes, and much much more.... Please, take a shower, and clean the stench from yourselves before wearing any of this .. heheheh HAve a wonderful Time Poop Hunting

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