Thursday, August 13, 2009

Freeeee Silks and More

Hey all.. i just logged on and got a notice about The silks here at Prim & Pixel...... 99 percent marked to oL so you all need to come on in and check it out..... here are some wonderful pics.. .. Anyway.. here are the Pics of the FREEEEEEEEEEEe silks.... in many many colors.....

................ while you are ther, rumor has it that ther are quite a few gifts floating around the store.. So make sure to look around for them...... Look in the main building first would be my suggestion.. Here is what I have found when I went searching the main building....all of these are FREEEEEEEEEEE....(all of these freebies were located in the main building.. the 2-story building that is..look down and upstairs.. and you can find many wonderful things ....)

This counts as 3 gifts , because each tee shirt is free and ther are 3 different ones.. each sold seperately and FREEEEEEEEEEEE....
Only one of these bikini's are free can you find out which one it is ?


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