Monday, August 17, 2009

SatisFashion goodness

Hey all.... i know that you have all heard about this wonderful gridwide hunt called the Satisfashion Gridwide hunt.. Well, I just happened to be on it and am still looking for the last few stores.... But I thought while I was taking a break, I would show you some of the goodies that you can get from this hunt..... Although at the beginning of the hunt, (the starting point) you have to buy a VIP pass in order to recieve most of the gifts on this hunt.. (although a few stores are giving the gift to you free.. the Vip must be worn and used when buying the gifts, to most of the other places..) The Vip passes are 50L.. and the prizes are NOT crappy either.. I just thought i would share with you some of the goodies along the way that I have found.. And .... they are really nice goodies too........ so lets start with the first outfit I fell in luv with here at Silk Dreams.. find the hanger(if u have the VIP Pass) and this outfit can be yours freeeeeee....
Next up on the list is Hanger #5 here at Not Without you , where, find the hager and get this awsome outfit for freeeeeee...... Vip pass is a must ......... this outfit is caled ChaCha in pink .. very cute......
The next stop is looking for hanger #7 here at Ali Couture where if u find the hanger you can score yourselves this amazing black dress/ gown.. a must have .... Find the hanger, and its yours freeeeeeee.....
Ok..... Moving on.... we have Hanger #8 at Dead Dollz.. I luvvved this awsome Shirt/ jacket.. It's colorful, it's Hottt and It's vibrant... I like color .. hehehehhe So come on in and find that hanger
Then we have Hanger #10 here at Divaliscious.. And must I say.. This outfit is smoking.. It's full of sex appeal, and class.. And I had to have it.. So yeahh I am glad I bought my VIP for 50L.. because this outfit is a must for every wardrobe......... and its free... if U have the VIP pass........ comes with really cute bracelets, and they r a must have accessory as well
Ok.. next up om my list of sexiness, is this outfit tucked inside hanger #11 here at M.E. Fashion.. i am in luvv with this sexy black and white outfit as well....... These gifts are amazing for sure.. find the hanger and its your freeeeee..... i love the big chunky black belt on this outfit ......
Moving on for a few more goodies tonight we have Alexohol, where if u find hanger #17.. this outfit for u sexy ladies is freeeeeeee.. also one for the guys packaged in the hanger.. woot .... well worth grabbing ............ a very cute light pink jersey and matching hott pants for the ladies.. (football not included... sorry......)
We have hanger #19 packed full with this awsome outfit from Jazmine D. Skins.... caleld Steampunkerella.. This outfit is really quite fun, flirty and fabulous.. Now say that 3 times fast.. hehehhehehe Come and find the hanger and this outfit can be yours.... Vip Pass a must .........
Next to last for tonight's Blog post.. You can grab this beautiful, sunny yellow outfit with hat fior FREEEEEEEEEEEEE with the VIP pass here at QT Clothing ....... In hanger #25.... .. This outfit is packed with brightness, sure to make anyone smile...... I luvv it ...... Hat is included..
And the final outfit of the night from this awsome hunt , you can find here at Toxic Kitty.. Comes complete with kitty shoes and leg warmers, and outfit.. very hottt very sexy and a must have for any sexy Neko.. Did I mention it comes with tail too? Find the hanger and this outfit can be yours freeeee with the VIP pass.....

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