Monday, June 1, 2009

Vendor Support Month

YEahhhhh.. I cant believe that it is June already .. woot....... That means another month full of amazing huts and more.. woot..... So with that said, Im taking you all grid hopping in appreciation for the Vendor Support month goodies... Yessss, that right, a whole lot of vendors coming together selling specially created goods for all of you to snag and grab for only 10L each........... I heard it was like 50 stores all with some wonderful goodies in store for you... So lets get started on this grid hopping hunt and have some fun......So here at Hose Nose, at LVS Drive, you can find this cute loittle outfit on the landing, for only 5L,
and you can check out this other cutey outfit in white on the MM Board,

or this stunning gown/ dress in the lucky board on the wall....

This is the pretty in black and stars outfit complete with shoes and jewelry all for 10L....... in suppport of the Vendors of Sl..... Come and grab your goodies while you can..

If you want some wonderful goodies, Nushru is the place to go today, as far as some wonderful goodies , they are participating in every hunt out ther, so come on in and check them out....... Here are the pics of the 3 10L items for the vendor support month.. 10L each....Not really sure if these were the outfits meant for the Support the Vendors hunt thing, but they were the only outfits I found at the entryway for 10L.......

Here is the prize from the Fun In the Sun, beachball hunt.... #22.. a really cute pair of rose colored stilletos..

Here is #95 from the Storybook hunt.. Luv these wonderful stilletos too.....

you can snag this cute fruity head of joy gifty from the OMG It's Another Hunt prize as well, located in the store....... Luv it ..... it's #130 .... and you are looking for the little cupcake ... good luck.. this is funnnnnn.....

Here is the pic of the Gridwide Discovery hunt gift too.. I really like this pretty yellow dress, very appealing to the senses, and goes really well with the hat too... hehehehhehe

And the outfit from TTLG hunt.. which is Thru the looking glass Hunt gift #49 is this very versatile Cheshire Gown, which can be worn many different ways.....and comes complete with shoes too......

the Bedtime stories gift wasnt ready yet and I could not find the glass slipper, so those items are still up in the air.. but this is the place to grab a whole bunch of wonderful FREEEEEEEEEEbies today, and all month long... YEAhhhhhh


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