Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Treat time

Hello all you woderful readers.. How r u all doing today? Well today I have a long list of fabulousness going on for you all... So please bare with me. So instead of all this endless nonsence, and pretense, Let's get started.. here at DBNR, ther is a black gothis pair of felt booties out for all, at only 1L for a limited time... So hurry on in and snag them up while you can.. I got me a pair......1L...


Here at Panda Eyes, you can grab this stunning purple dress for freeeee.. Yepp FREEEEEE so hurry on in and get it while it's HOTTT off the press, er/ sewing machine.,....


here at Atlier you can find these lovely goodies on the lucky boards....


Lunas newest freeeebie creations..... Although this sexy black goodie is 1L and the pink outfit on the left is freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Dont forget to grab all the other freebies on the wall too... (already blogged _)

Here at the Monkey Mall . which has been recently overhauled, with a complete new look, you can find this reaay cute bathing suit set for 1L in the RFL vendor in the courtyard.. So come on in and support a worthy cause...... it's only 1L...


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