Thursday, June 25, 2009

Silks galore

I am a big Fan of silks, and when I got this notice from Silk & Satyr, about the hunt goodies in teh store being pushed back till later this summer, and the fact that The goodies in store have been moved, from the hope roses, to the big pink jeweled hearts, its more like a fun hunt Now, .. Yeahhh.. with the same wonderful goodies as before.. So as I was lookin g for these 4 pink jeweled hearts and having a good time.. I happened to come upon the 6th floor, and found a whole wall of Dollarbie silks.. Im sooooooooo giddy right now that My head is spinning.... hehehe Here are the pics.. All 1L each.... for male and female too...... So ladies if ya wanna match with your man, drag him along and you both can grab the goodies.. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Remember , while you are ther, also make sure to look for the 4 pink jeweled hearts and grab your 4 deliscious goodies for FREEEEEEEEEE.. Just make a small donation in the RFL, kiosk near the front entrance to the store.. It would be appreciated.. thanks all and have a great day

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