Friday, June 26, 2009

Peppermint Blue' News.

Yeahhhh.. The freebie store is open once again ........... For a limited time only... and it has many of the older items up, but also has plenty of the new freebies out as well.. So come on in and take a peak.. You nevfer know what you might find.. MAke sure to look upstairs too.. As ther are a few hidden treasures that you wouldnt want to miss floating around up ther.. heheheh.. Hurry on in everyone, and lets have fun.. Everything in store is FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE....... you have lingerie.. shoes , clothes. shapes, and a freeeee portable pose hud.. just wear it, and pose.. heheh you can also add more to it , and come up with your own unique portable pose hud sure to impress anyone.. heheh Just come on in and check the place out.. Tons of goodies for the taking.. and all are freeeeeeeeee
If you tp in and all you see is a Peppermint Blue Sign with 3 teleporters at your feet, just take a ride on the tp and you'll be ther in a flash..........


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