Saturday, June 27, 2009

OOhhh Goodies Galore

As the times change in Rl.... so do some prices here on Sl.. And ther is No exception here at Aryanna's Closet either..... All new realease, used to be only 10L.. But Now they have gone up and are 25L each, but still a good deal, as you also get the shoes/ boots with each and every single outfit that you buy from ther...... 10 New outfirs have been placed out at 25L each.....

And to compensate... I have noticed that ther are 4 FREEEEEEEEWbies just below the new realease, also with shoes included.. So come on in and grab yours up while you still can.. All new realeases, go back up to normal pricing one week from today........

Also check out the awsome goodies in the 2 lucky chairs with in the store....... One on either side oif the room.... Have fun and good luck....


Here at Vivienne Fashion , you can snag this Hot little outfit for only 5L.... Perfect for the up and coming Holiday.. Woot.. I know Im gonna be wearing it... Wish I had something this cute in Rl.. Guess Ill have to go looking ...... Here I come .......hehehehehehe


And here at My Pinkie Mall, hehehe what a name.. you can get these 3 fabulous goodies for absolutely free.. 2 wonderful pose packs,,..& a sexy belly tattoo.

Then you can also hook yourselves up with these 2 wonderful Dollarbies.... which is a sexy pink belt, and then a pack of anklets.... 1L each..

Also make sure to check out the lucky chair............


We also have a lot of FREEEEEEEEEbies for you today here at Fashion ....... So come on in and grab them while the grabbing is good to go .. heheheheh I did.. Some sexiness for the men as well..... So ladies bring your man along.......


Saving the best for last it seems.. But this one s for group members only.. And I had to have it.. Look at this absolutley stunning gown.. and its FREEE if you are a groupo member of Aria's Dream.... dont forget to check out the lucky chair ........ Chair changes every 10 minutes.. I got lucky on a wild card round.. hoo hoo hoo... yeahhhhhhh..


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