Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Goodies

Woot.. Sunday , a day of rest and relaxation for some, but a Mother's work is Never done, hehehe So NO relaxing here, as I have to take care of the kids, the house, the fans.. heheh and , well, Just do it all........ heheh So Today we are starting our trek of her at The New Peppermint Freeebie store that is only open for a limited time.. I know I just blogged it, but this awsome outfit has just been released, and I had to revisit the store in order to bring your attention to it....... It's FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, .. I really seem to luvvv just about everything from here.. heheheheh Just look into my inventory.. I have a Ton of Peppermint Blue goodies in ther.. heheheheheh Please enjoy......

Yeahhhhhhh .. another wonderful sexy outfit here at Flashpoint Fashions, in the MM Board.. Come on in and take a look around..... 3 lucky chairs instore as well, to the left of the stairs......

SExy pose pack here at Iced.. So come on in and pick yourselves up something sexy and cheap too.. Also make sure to look around the place, as ther are still many goodies to find and see up in here..


Panda Eye's has a very sexy Purple outfit in store for all of you today... So hurry on in and check things out peoples.. It's so worth it .. Many Hottt sexy goodies in store too, worth every penny on price.... This outfit is FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE..


And last but NOt least for right now on this wonderful Sunday Afternoon, is a 2-pack pose set from Ks2cool.. in memory of Michael Jackson..... 1L.....


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