Saturday, June 20, 2009

I need Coffee

Hey ther everyone.. We all need a little something to get us up and going in the mornings, and coffee just about coveres it for most of us out there..... But here at Vinyl Cafe Main location, Coffee is what makes my heart do leaps of joy, ecspecailly when the cups are FREEEE and contain more than just coffeee...... heheheheh Yep .. There are 18 cups of coffee scattered all around the place, inside and outside, look everywhere..... There are tons of goodies to be had...... Here are some of what I found..... All for FREEEEEEE.. please make sure you are wearing your group tag in order to go hunting please..................... This is for group members ONLY..... Sorry .. But this group is soo worth joining .. See pics below..... We have boots, and shoes, and a foot stool, and a chaise lounge(not Pictured) and stockings, and tee shirt packs, and a vinyl record bin, and sexy leather straps.... around the arms, legs, and neck.. woot.. and wall posters, and more.. Just hop on over and join .. if you R NOT a menber already, and start grabbing your morning coffee.. Hunt ends on the 22nd..........

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