Wednesday, June 17, 2009


HEY ALL.. I just got notice that ther is a silver key hunt going on here at the Unwanted Mall. Find 15 silver keys, and then go to the treasure chest, click and you will be rewarded with all of your wonderful goodies in one folder... Look in all the occupied stores in the mall area, as well as the new Tuft location...... And you will find them all..... It's easy and it's Fun, and here are the pics... all the goodies for Father's Day after you collect al l 15 keys, these are your prizes .. you get the remote, the balloon, the fishing bear, the bean bag, the #1 Dad sign, the Tee shirt, and the gift basket.. all of this for FREEEEE

And while you are there, please take the time to look around, as ther are MANY freebies, and some dollarbies, all over the place... You get a fat pack of sexy and skimpy shirts for free, from Ranz..

As well as a sexy fat pack of silk shirts too..... FREEEEEE

Female hippie outfit for free,.....

Free set of silks........

free pink outfit/ full perm..

free black sweater and handcuffs...

Cupcake outfit FREEEEEE

You're a Star outfit FReeeee.. Come and check it out.. More freebies to be had..

Skin is from NOSOTRAS.. was a MM BOard gift from a few months ago but can probably still be bought in store......

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