Monday, February 2, 2009

Wild thing

Comeing Live , from .....Wild thing .. I think I luvvv U .. hehehe Some really sexy freebies and dollarbies at Wild Style Fashion... Sorry .. Dry and pointless humor.. heheheheheheh..

I'm in a frisky mood and wanna get my groovcy thing on .. But realeing all my pet up anxiety here for you.. ..

OK lets get to it....... Wild Style had some great thjings today.. First off. This gorgeous set of earrings and matching belly ring for the ladies.....

And for the men for FREEEEE there is a logo cotton tee upstairs as well with a set of 3 pants and a pair of shoes.......

Downstairs dollarbies are a cutout shirt for the ladies 1L

A glow in the dark turtleneck for the ladies.. 1L

An untucked Polo tee for the guys 1L

And a pair of unisex Dragon logo Board shorts for 1L

Also make sure you check out the camping chair upstairs.. sit for 20 minutes and take home a sexy black tied tight bikini..
and the lucky chair is up the stairs in the same section as the free earring set, and free mens items too...


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