Tuesday, February 17, 2009

For the Newbs

Want to know where you can snag some awsome FREEEEEEEEE avatars and outfits complete with hair and skins and and shoes? Well come on over to Amity Island .. and grab as mnay as you want for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.. I got some just becasue of the clothes, and ther are a few for the men as well, so ladies .. if you see something that you like on your man, grab him and take him shopping there with you ..at Amity Island .... everything is FREEEEEEEEEE...

With warmer weather coming up these 2 Avs and outfits are perfect... and FREEE

Next we have some sexy Avs and outfits for FREEEE

Wanna become a Neko ?

How about going Goth? There is something ther for u 2 .....

What about being a Gangsta?

oR A BIG bad Biker?

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