Friday, February 13, 2009

New Store.....

A New store has opened called Modd G and for the grand opening we are looking for 7 little pink kisses/ lips as it is Valentine's day .. Almost .. hehehe So lets see what we can find... All little kisses are FREEEEEEE
Here we have a wonderful LOVE pose, yes thats me sitting on top of it trying to display the cute jacklet sexy socks, and adorable shoes that you can also pick up for FREEEE at this hunt
Sexy red nighty/ dress..... FREEEEE

YOu can also snag this lovely necklace there too , (here is a little better shot of this cute black balero jacket ... FREEEEEE .... ********The red Heart pasties are FREEEE as well, just Im me for your FREEEE pair..... Or drop me a note card and I will make sure that you get them .. Thanks

Here is a better shot of the socks w/ cute little lips all over then , and the adorable striped pink shoes.....Freeeeee


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