Thursday, February 12, 2009

Red Hot Razor Hunt

Sorry I havent posted in a few days... Rl emergency that was more important, So I am back and bringing you all sorts of delisious goodies, mostly free from the Razor Mall anti -Valentine hunt... Lots of goodies to find located all over the Sim, Make sure you look high and low in and under,... Get the picture? Ok Lets start .. i have plenty of pics so Ill try to keep my wording short..... Goodies from Otaku...

Tainted heart Valentine's outfit ... 1/ 10

legwarmers 3/10 Emo White very cute.. says "I give you my love ."4/10
comes in purple and pink as well..

a Neko grey and pink hoody

an anti Valentine's Day tee shirt.. which i really liked ..

and many many many more hearts to be found all around the Sim / mall....

like this pink hello kitty tattoo
And this sexy little pink heart bikini from Seductive Nikki's .. also has a pair of matching boxers for the guys...and this set of adorable neko ears can be found just outside of Razor's on the sign..... look for the tiny red heart...
Dont forget to check out the lucky chairs too, as they have some really great stuff.. I won a bleeding heart septer with a skiping animation.. Just hilareous and very fun ..

Lots of hearts from Jezzabel Rocks are hidden around as some of these listed below..
Anti Valentine's Day heart #3 Death to Cupid Shirt.. really cute

Anti Valentine's Day heart #7 Tibetan Lotus blue tee shirt

Please have fun and enjoy the hunt ...


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