Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sizzling Hot Sunday

Well , I hope everyone is doing good so far this Wonderful Sunday, and In order to make your day get better, I am bringing you this Marvelous FREEEEEE dress from Bliss Couture.

This dres is stunning and very sexy , and just ....well.... perfect...

Above is the ad and below is me wearing this sexy dress...


Then we have a new comer to the Already Awsome Prim and Pixel group... Welcome HIG
to the group. And in honor of her arrival, she herself has put out two little fairies that are hiding 2 sweet and sexy little outfits for you .

fairy 1. Is this cute little flower fairy outfit.. very cute.. FREEEE

fairy 2. is this cute and very SEXY red bikini set.. FREEEEEE

Just to let you all know.. She is down in the groto, so come and enjoy the little mini hunt , and pick up your goodies from the little fairies....


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