Friday, February 20, 2009

Sensational Saturday

Yeahhhhh.. I have a new computer and everything is back up and running... After a 2 day Secondlife, and blogger withdrawl, I am backkkk.. Hip Hip HUrrayyyy.. hehehehehhe Anyway, as I logged on this morning, I recieved a notice about another Dollarbie at Broken Designs... So I decided to tp on over there and see what all the fuss was about.. And yesss, Its worth fussing about.. I so luv these pants.. Funky and perfect, and so me..
. And I also noticed that ther is still the other dollarbies up and the one for Valentines day is hanging around too.. Akthough, to be honest... I never knew ther was one ther..for Valentine's Day or I would have posted it..... Sorry all....

Another Wonderful freebie find here at the Casablanca Society Lounge. This stunning black little sequined beauty is all mine.. and can be yours tooo.. Totally FREEEEEE

Here at Glam Couture you can get this wonderful sexy silver/ black outfit for 1L.... hurry in while you can still snagg it.. Very dressy, and sexy for sure......
Here at the wonderful shopping area at Sentou you can find these sexy boots for FREEEEE so make sure you come and snag them too, and lots of lucky chairs between this mall and the one next door.... Great boots and shoes in all... Worth taking a tp over here to look at...

I'm getting overhauled.. hehehehehehe... Come get this sexy pair of jeans and tank for FREEEEEEE... here at Ova Hauled ..And make sure to check out the 2 lucky chairs while you ae ther..........


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