Thursday, February 12, 2009

On the Hunt

As you all know, it is getting really close to valentine's Day and ther are numerous Hunts going on , and of course, being the good sport that I am , I always enjoy a good hunt.... So when I got this Notice tonight about a hunt going on at Deadly Gorgeous and Whimsy wich is just across the bridge, I tp'd right over there to grab my goodies..... All tiny pink hearts are 1L each ..... Deadly 's hearts consist all the even numbers, 2 4 6 8 10, 12 & 14

Here are some of the goodies...

#2 Orange star tee shirt, also comes in other colors.....white, aqua, and pink ( I am wearing the Aqua in this pic )
#6 Batty Blue Tube top
#14 Gloomy Bear Tube top

While across the bridge at Whimsy, we have a number of goodies all odd numbers of course...

Lets start at the beginning and see what we have

1. Whimsy purple bikini

#3 , 7 , 9 , 11, 13, &15 are all worn here

#3 is the nose ring, ther are 2 of them one for each side.of the nose

#7 is the Like This red Shirt
#9 is the shape
#11 is the skin #13 is theblack skirt w/ belted pants
#15 is the prim lashes

And also Whimsy , there are boxes sitting on the floor with goodies inside for 1L each.. here are some pics of those as well.... hair, dress, and purse, as well as another Valentine skin 1L each ***** worn here is the purple dress

Skin and a different color of the hair pack

One of the purses/ bags 1L for a set of 5 I believe

Same dress as above only in Black
So if you are interested, here is your Taxi to this hunt


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