Monday, February 2, 2009

So Elated

Yep that's absolutely correct everyone.. I am really Elated with the Dollarbies here at Elate, that it has me completely jumping fopr joy.. I soo luv these Fabulous heart shaped Aviator glasses.. I cant take them off they are so stunning... and For 1L I jumped them .....They are mine mine mine. heheheheh Hey they can be yours too if you want them.. For 1L hurry on in and grab yourself a pair or 2 or 3 .. hehehheh '

Also there is a Bag of fabulous goodies for you as well sitting on the shelf to the right of the entrace, above the one lucky chair that is ther.. This bag contains quite a few outfits as pictured below.. all of these for 1L in this big grab bag for 1L. this first outfit comes in 3 colors

Chocolate Denim and Emerald(only the emerald is shown here )
Then we have this cute bumblebee bikini set ... included in the bag

The we have 3 different dresses as rose, teal, and mint...(only the mint and rose are pictured here )

And a cute lady bug bikini set too

and a white tank top with 3 differnt pairs of pajama shorts... in watermelon, plun and midnight,

All of this in one little ol' bag for 1L.. Go grab yourself one everyone....

Also on the shelf is a free sexy mesh , red and white, heart dress for 1L, pictured here with the aviator glasses

and a pack of hoodies and shirts as well for 1L (clubhouse sweatshirt/ hoodie shown here )

and a cute FREEEE mini top hat too..... (NOT PICTURED)
your taxi awaits.....

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