Monday, February 16, 2009

Fabulousness At Crush Row

Well I am getting a late start on the goodies here at Crush Row, and I am sure that some have already been blogged, But I am here and I am so enjoying this little outting , so I thought Id bring you some more goodies anyway from the shops at Crush Row ..

We have some sexy goodies from Axel, and a free goodie if you join the subscribo on site in store.. Includes this really cute striped knit dress...with the crooked Valentines tree from...The Vendetta Garden , and the red belt, purse and neclace all from plus

Hair is a gift from Aohoru

This cute pink sculpted bag is from COCO

This skin is from Crush Row

And the Valentine goodie is this cute pink tee and jeans set ....from Axel....

From Punch Drunk ther is a whole bunch of goodies all boxed and ready to go sitting in a bag on the floor, Cookies is one of them.... I feel like im back in 6th grade wearing this... And Yes I was a girl Rl..... heheheheheheheh.....

We also have thos adoarable outfit called Philosophy Major. I quite like it ....

Then we also have these 3 cute color printed tank tops

Then we also have this cute girly tube top from here as well

As well as this cute pink dress included in the boxed goodies in the bag

Then we have this scarf, backpack, shoulder pet, and arm and leg wraps from Atomic.....

More goodies are waiting, so come and get yours while you can

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