Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shoes and More

Tonight we are foot loose and fancy free, and are feet are loving us for it...... And our first stop just happenes to be... 50 Flats &Vposes . These shoes are FREEEEEEE, or at least they are at the time of this posting, becasue I picked them all up for FREEEEE just now.... Not sure how much longer they will be ther though...


then we have another FREEE pair here at Six Leaves.... with Bling...... FREEEEEE


and our next stop is here at Club E Nomine for some sexy Freee clothes that are just amazing ...

I just had to snag this sexy Freebie, although it loooks a little Christmassy , It was freeee and so I snagged it.. along with this kick ass shirt.. Im still LMAo over it .... and I had to have it too....


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