Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cupid's Arrow Hunt

Coming at you live from the scene of the hunt. Here at Lemania hehehehehe Tons of gifts and goodies galore to grab and go .. All for 1L each.. Just find and arrow, click , pay the 1L and take it home.... It's that simple.. OOh did I forget to mention that you have to look all over the entire sim to find all of these arrows? heheh There are over 100 to find, with Tons of delightful treats...from vendors all over the Sim and from Lemania as well.....

Lets get started and gather sum goodies for ourselves, and see what we can find.. r U ready ?

OK here are some pics of the goodies that I gathered.. hehehehehhehehe

15 / 50 .. called Heartless

16/50 .. Forget Me Not Shoes

24/50 .. Messing with My Heart

26/50.. Perky

27/50.. Love Is Comfortable

29/50 .. Minnie

32/50 .. Because I loved You

36/50 .. Love

37/50.. If I Only Had A Heart

39/50.. Softly

42/50.. Gold Coins

48/50..Cuddle Up...

Well thats all the pics I have time for today.. I will return on another day for more goodies.. Have fun and Happy hunting everyone........

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