Thursday, February 26, 2009

Generalized Goodness

Come one come all, and grab some free goodies while you can .... We are going to head to the L'Quen Oreben Market Place, where believe it or not ... you can still pick up some freee Valentine Hunt Items, as well as a few toher goodies..... Take a stroll around in a horse driven carriage, and explore the shops and scenery...
If I am not mistaken.. This sexy rose petals undies set is gift Hunt #1...
Sexy as hell huh ?
Gift hunt #2 is this amazing rose petel gown.. FREEEEEE

Gift hunt #7 is this sexy red jammy outfit.. So HOTTTTT and FREEEEEEE paired with the candle fom hunt gift #5

Along with these amazing gifts you can look inside the other stores ther and pick up some pretty amazing items as well.. Like this cute Coy Pond.....

and many freebies can be found here inside this wonderful little the backside of the shoping plaza,
A polka dotted bikini also wearing the skin and hair that is included with one of the freebies to the right side of the doorway.......FREEEEEEEEE

A plaid bikini. FREEEEE

A floral shirt
A sexy knit sweater, and skirt (2 different items) but both for FREEEE paired with the heart bely form gift hunt #6

Here is another of the shirts that come with this skirt, also has 2 lengths to the skirt... FREEEEEE

A wild and sassy colorful flexi outfit,

A checkered patterend halter.. FREEEEE
a polka dotted pair of Pj's..

A lovely leather purse/ bag.. Freeeeeeee


A sexy little outfit w/ shoes..comes with hair, shoes, outfit, skin and shape and eyes ... All for FREEEEEE this is to the right side of the doorway on the wall.....
Comr grab yourself some awsome freeeeebies

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