Friday, February 6, 2009

Raise your hand and WAVE

Today I happened to stop by a really cute little place called Wave, and I found a ton of FREEEEEbies ther.. So I decided to call on my darling friend Minerva, to come help me out and play around a little bit with some poses and have some fun trying on these sexy clothes.. So We did and here are some pic for you of the FREEEEEEE goodies in store for you ther....

Min and me in a Charlie's Angel like pose, minus one Angel.. heheheheheh
Min n the sexy red and black vest with the Torn jeans.. FREEEEEE
Me in the pink poncho/ shaw with the dark blue jeans

Gotcha back pose
Min wearing the green and pink sexy suit
Me wearing another pair of torn looking designer jeans and the pink striped ss shirt

Me and Min in the high 5 pose.
Min wearing the white shaw with the hot pink start pants
Me wearing the black jeans with the sexy black swirl pattern tank top

Just wanted o show u all How sexy Min is wearing that suit.....

Below are the pieces that you can grab for FREEEEEEE

Lots of goodies galore here, so come on in and take a look and style up your wardrobe....



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