Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Is it Fair?

Today we are going to visit the Soma School of Design Fair and grabbing some FREEEEEE goodies as well as some dollarbies too.. It's not that big of a fair , but you can snag some great stuff.. Some of the designs were amazing ...... And the outfits were, .. well, lets just say that there were quite a few that left me speechless, and I am going back to buy them after I post......
Here are some FREEEEE goodies... FREEEE from the Soma Sponsor
LUVVVVVVV this yummaliscious black ensamb.......FREEEEE

Then ther is this terrific Red piece of artwork .. I snagged this first .. hehehehe FREEEE

Then we have this eye dropping , mouth opening , guys staring type of dress.. in Blue.. very yummmmy.. FREEEEEEE

We have this pink knit set for 1L. from Evaki also has a purple one ther for 1L as well....

FREEEE purple Shirt

FREEEE heart necklace/. undershirt FREEEEE as well..... comes with 2 different potted flowers .....


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