Sunday, February 22, 2009

more madness.. hehehehe

Yep you heard me right.. Absolutely more than I can handle, but so enjoying the chase to find the goodies.. Which brings me to m y next location... POW Candy Neko Wars for these gorgeous goodies.. One for the guys and one for the girls... FREEEEE so come on and grab then ya'll......


Another wonderful goodie that I was sent a notice about is this wild and crazy Carnival outfit.. A must have.. You can pay the 150L for it or you can wait around the lucky chair for your lucky letter, just like I ma doing now, because I want it soooo bad.. heheheheheheheh... You cna only get it here...,. at NOSOTRAS....

Ripped has some really great FREEEE stuff as well out at this location, for all that are interested...... A lovely chaocolate Gown for FREEEE and i really like this one becasue it's not too dressy and yet is dressy enough to go somewhere nice...

Sexy free silks and free Gypsy hair.w/ scarf.. FREEEEEE

Me taking a quick nap before hopping for freebies once again.. hehehhehe


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