Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tia Mystique/ Indie Rose

I just got a notecard about a shop / designer that is new , so I decided to go and check her out......... Well I must say.. I really do like her stuff everyone.. And I give praise where it is due.. So.. Anyway.. She has a sexy litttle Miss Claus outfit for sale for 10L , for a limited time only I believe..

Also next to the Sexy Clause outfit there is a FREEBIE gift , lying in wait for you to pick up that contains this stunning corset.. I really do like it...... It has classssssss..

If you go upstairs and look around to the back corner, you will find another box labeled "goodies" and inside you will find this very sexy little lingerie set called "Jingle bells" heheheh .. Adequately named........ I so luvvv it .. and this was only 1L.. So come get yours while they are still here........ Make sure you look around the mall area too as you never know what you may find for FREE or Nearly Free

heheheheheh Good luck ladies...... and er.. gentlemen....


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