Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Moonwisher, A Piece of Candy, & Flashpoint

Here you wil find some really great goodies..... Jewelry and clothes... WOOT..

At the entrance are 3 boxes.. each containing just one necklace.. 1L each...

Then as you go inside and up the stairs to the first landing.....on the wall you will see 2 outfits ..One for a guy, and 1 for a girl.. 1L each....... And they are so sexy and warm.. I just had to buy them both.. hehehehhe ...http://slurl.com/secondlife/Fahzilla/209/48/62
A Piece of Candy

Today I am showing you the free group gift.. So if you are not a memeber, just hit the subscribo at the front of the store to get your gift ....

And OMGGGGGGG It's this absolutely to die for SKIN.. iI am totally hooked on it .. and.. well hell.. Im speechless......
Finally for right now we have Flashpoint

Right on the landing as you come up the stairs you will find a gift bag FREE.. just click and it's yours....

Then inside you will find a really great Cookie Monster set of PJ's for 1L but dont stop ther... take a look around as this place has so many wonderful clothes to adorn any woman's closet.. errr.. Avvie. hehehehhe And just to let you know.. they have 6 lucky chairs inside the store as well.. 3 on either side of the stairs on the ground level....And hey.. Just as I was about to walk out of the store I turned and loked at the chairs one last time and POOOOOf.. ther was my letter.. so I jumped and sat.. and it was MINE MINE MINE .. heheheheheheh


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