Friday, December 5, 2008

Caleta Group part 3

More richness, and goodies from The Caleta group..

I honestly think that I could spend all day here and not get tired of shopping or looking.. hehheheheheheheh

ALTERNATIVE is the name of this next shop
here you will find a wall with lots of different colored COwboy Hats, all for only 25L each...
Then on the wall next to them there are these wonderful little outfits for 10L each

Right next door is a place called CUCOS.....
the lingerie here is sexy for sure.. one wall is all 1L each ,
while the adjoining wall holds outfits for 10L each---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Next is this little stall called "Pretty" with only these 4 wonderful goodies inside.. 1 L each

Make sure that you look around the entire plaza, as ther are many mnay more wonderful goodies to grab .. Some of these are for a very limited time, so please dont hesitate, cause then it might be toooo late........ Have fun and a good day all..... I am off to do more of the Peace on Earth Hunt...


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