Thursday, December 4, 2008



ooh I just lufff it when ther is a smexxy new shop that RE ..opens and such awsome goodies to be found YEAHHHHHH..
On the Mantle at the front of the store, on your left , as yu enter.... you will find these 2 gifts.. for Free...
here are the pics of the glorious slinky pink girly dress and matching shoes, So nicely modelled by my good friend Gemma Morgwain.... SHE ROCKS in this lovely outfit.. I think it was meant for her the way she models it so well.. heheh
(Isn't she lovely peoples?)

I so love GOOD FREEBIES, and this is one place thats sooo worth looking into peoples.....

and...... the SHOES, WOW... They leave me breathless.. They are delightful and warm , and so sexy looking on Gemma's foot ....heheheh


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