Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Prim and Pixel Hunt

Here we are again at the Prim and Pixel Location for another wonderful HUNT..

There are 11 pink ornaments hiding around the Sim .. U must find all 11 in order to complete the outfit....... These hunts are always fun...... and I luvvv to Blog about this place, as it's another of my favorite places to be....

Just look at all the fun things that ther are to do here..

I luvvvvvv Pumpkin Pie, so this was a treat.. heheheheheheh.. to be on Sl and eat Pumpkin pie....... mmmmm .........YUMMY .....

I wonder if my mna would like to wake up Christmas morning to see me in his stocking.... LMAo.. This is sooooooo wonderful.. I wish I had on as big as this in Rl.. hehehhhhehehheehe


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