Friday, December 5, 2008

Caleta group.. Pt#2

Yesterday, I brought to your attention some goodies from the Caleta group, and I am back today to finish it up as ther is sooooooo much ther to report on ...
First up is this collection of shoes all of which, (before I forget.. ) are 2 L each

and the matching bags on to the left as you enter along the wall... Better hurry and get these before all are lost forever.. Not sure how long these will be around... all bags are 1L...

Another shop around the corner fron the shoes houses these 5 dresses.. All 1L each...

A shop called "LOVE" next to the dresses has 6 tee shirts for 1L each, with these adorable lips in all different colors....

Next is the place called "Fallen" only 4 dresse inside the place, but they are only 2L
they come with pants, shirt, and flexi skirt portion..
Next to that, is a little place called "LOOK"
Skins and shapes for only 1L each .. WOW...........Your choice of tanned or pale skins, each with 4 different make-up options..
I believe these are for a limited time as well, and they were still 1L at the time of this Blog posting....

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