Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lemania Indigo Designs.

Lemania Indigo is by far, one of my top favorites store is Sl, so Now that I have returned from vacation, I am hitting the store running, as they have a new gifty under the tree every day I believe... Today's gorgyyyyyyy gifty is this Naughty Elf outfit.. So devilishly smexy, that I cant wait to make Santa drool.. hehehehehheheh


along with the Naughty elf, outfit there are 7 more dollarbie gifts under/ around the tree in the front entrance as well, so make sure that you grab those.

this sexy little outfit is called "Sexy Sadie, which you can get for FREE by touching the clone at the front of the entrance as well.

Also , if you havent heard of the Peace On Earth Hunt going on GRIDWIDE, then heres your chance to start, as Lemania is also participating in the hunt as well, and you will find the globe amidst all the goodies near the tree.. This is FREEEEE so pick it up , (inside you will find the Lm to the next location, where you will search for another globe, with gift and the next Lm, and so on) Happy Hunting ..... AND...OMG....

WHILE THER.. they also have a hunt going on . there are 50 yesss, 50 boxes, for 1L each hidden all over the sim, with tons of goodies inside.. WOW.. shoes, outfits, jewelry and more.. so get those feet a running , and fast.......
And I just happened to spot some other goodie boxe located ondthe sim as well, from WonderousStrange... 5L each and I bought just one to see what was inside..

ok heres the pic of what I got inside the box.. It's a really quaint pic of Santa. And I have just the place for it above my fireplace til The Holidays are over.. WOOT
Good luck and have fun today all...

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